I have created this page called poetry and since then I have thought about whether or not to post or poetry here or keep it with the rest of the items on this blog.

By no means do I consider myself an accomplished poet. Sometimes I write something that is a good poem. Other times, my efforts are more accomplished than my results.

So, I ask all who would care to respond: keep my poetry with the rest of my blog entries, or list it separately here?

6 responses to “Poetry

  1. fivereflections

    i like keeping just a Home and About page, but having a Poetry page is a good idea, i’m just not sure tags and categories work in the READER? i haven’t experimented enough with pages!

    David in Maine USA

    • Thank you for the response. I am not sure either. I have tried working some with the poetry page, but cannot find tags and categories, which wouldn’t help me much.

  2. barbonthemountain

    I like reading your haikus every Thursday. I also like them kept separate from everything else.

  3. Jake shires

    List it separately, I think.

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