A brief (and somewhat ambiguous) biography. One hundred words, more or less, about David Booker might include the following: though lost in the cosmos without a compass, he has nonetheless managed to find his way into middle age. As to what he will do now that he is there is still a matter of speculation. He often seeks guidance from his youthful daughter as he alternately approaches and retreats from the slow expansion of his waistline and the slow collapse of Western Civilization as he knows it. He hopes the two will reach a libration (or libation) point and he will creep into old age with some dignity and clothes intact.


4 responses to “About

  1. AirportsMadeSimple

    Hi David – thanks for stopping by my site and for the great comments. I’ve answered them in detail. But I’ve also sent a note to the author of the post, so he can answer you directly, too. His wife is graduating from nursing school this weekend, so he may not reply until Monday. But he’s very reliable. 🙂 Like your site! Cheers, AMS

    • Thank you for your several comments on several posts and for your response. Your blog is an interesting one and in many ways provides a need service. I enjoyed the “guest blogger’s” post on your blog. It is good to get information from somebody who has worked at a place. Congratulations to him and his wife on her graduating from nursing school. No small accomplishment and in a field where the help is needed.

  2. Love the blog and cartoons, David!

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