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Photo finish Friday: “O’ 13: perverse verse”

Unlucky 13

Unlucky 13

O’ triskaidekaphobia —
don’t let it annoy ya —
your paranoia,
your frightened mind.

This triskaidekaphobia,
it will destroy ya,
I do implore ya,
your fear it will find.

Yes, triskaidekaphobia,
it will toy with ya,
and even enjoy with ya
superstition sublime.

Said triskaidekaphobia,
“I don’t want to bore ya,
but I’ll take Peoria,
at twelve Central time.”

Came triskaidekaphobia,
by way of Astoria
thirteen more than ya
hoped you could confine.

But triskaidekaphobia
was unlucky ya know ya
and took the thirteenth floor ya
and then fell to its decline.

Of triskaidekaphobia,
I’ll say no more to ya
because history will show to ya
that it will all intertwine.


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The 13th noir

Some days, you get the noir, and some days the noir gets you.

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Thirteen is a lonely number

I hardly know ya, /
Triskaidekaphobia. /
Afraid to hold ya. /

Joe Friday, detective

It's Friday, Friday the Thirteenth. Just the facts, ma,am.

I have just told ya, /
Triskaidekaphobia. /
I hardly know ya. /

Just the facts, you say, /
Will make you go away. /

But you’re here to stay. /
triskaidekaphobia. /
For the entire day. /

So I might just play, /
Triskaidekaphobia. /
On this fine Friday: /


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