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Free Craft Books for Fiction Writers

Two winners will each receive all four books shown at left (desktop) or below (mobile).Enter to Win! Here’s how:Answer the silly question in #1 below (to prove you’re not a robot); In the form that appears, fill out your first name and email address; When a new window pops up, share on social media. For every person you share this contest with, you’ll get 3 entries added to your total number of entries—in other words, the more often you share the link to this contest, the greater your chances of winning! Finally, keep an eye on your inbox for a confirmation email – click on the link inside to confirm your entry.

Source: Free Craft Books for Fiction Writers


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Writing tip Wednesday: “Dark and stormy contest”


Details at: Writermag.com/contests

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TMR Submissions | Just another The Missouri Review Sites site

Source: TMR Submissions | Just another The Missouri Review Sites site

A chance to get published. You can submitted electronically or by mail.

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Computer science script for $15,000

Google & The Black List offer $15,000 for scripts focused on Computer Science



Google, the online giant, is partnering with The Black List to offer financial grants in support of developing scripts centered on changing the image of computer science and computer scientists in pop culture. The submission process begins today and runs through July 15.

Beginning in the fall, the script site will grant up to $15K to three screenwriters — one feature and two episodic pilots — as they work to craft their scripts over a six-month period. At the end, each writer will present their work to Google and address how the grant was used to advance the projects. Writers will retain all rights to the work. Writers with scripts on The Black List site are also eligible.

This project is part of an initiative from Google’s Computer Science Education in Media program to encourage and inspire young people, especially girls and minorities — who historically have been underrepresented in the field — to not only use technology but also to create it.

Google would like to see if there were more movies about computer sciences that weren’t the stereotypical nerd movie. Are you an aspiring screenwriter? Do you want to work for Google? If so, Google will actually pay you to write a movie script.

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Writing tip Wednesday: “Laugh it up”

Wergle Flomp Humor Poetry Contest (no fee)

Now in its 15th year, this contest seeks today’s best humor poems. No fee to enter. Submit published or unpublished work. $2,250 in prizes.

Details and entry form at: https://winningwriters.com/our-contests/wergle-flomp-humor-poetry-contest-free

Deadline: April 01, 2016

Results Announced: August 15, 2016

Theme: Humor

Length Limit: Submit one poem only, with a maximum of 250 lines

Entry Fee: No fee


  • First Prize: $1,000
  • Second Prize: $250
  • Honorable Mentions: 10 awards of $100 each
  • Top 12 entries published online

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Writing tip Wednesday: “Competitions for 2016”


Almond Press “would like to share with you our curated list of writing competitions scheduled for 2016. Included are details about max word count, associated fees, submission deadlines, and direct links to each event.”

Source: http://www.dystopianstories.com/writing-competitions-2016/

You can search through this list in a number of ways, including by Country, Closing date, Word count, Entry fee, and Top Prize. You can also do a keyword search of the listings. Plus, to receive updates all your own, you can sign up to have updates sent to your e-mail address. Can’t get much easier than that.

It is probably not an absolute complete list, but it’s a good resource and fairly easy to access. Much of the work, other than the writing and submitting, has been done for you.

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Writing tip Wednesday: “Fiction open”

Glimmer Train’s Fiction Open

Deadline: January 2, 2016

Glimmer Train

Glimmer Train


  • 1st place wins $2,500 and is presented in Glimmer Train Stories.
  • 2nd place wins $1,000 and possible publication.
  • 3rd place wins $600, or, if chosen for publication, $700.

Other considerations:

  • Open to all subjects, all themes, and every writer. (Over the last two years, 50% of the winning stories were their authors’ 1st publications!)
  • Word count: Most submissions to the Fiction Open run 2,000 to 8,000 words, but from 2,000 to 20,000-word stories are fine.
    (Writing Guidelines, link below.)
  • Reading fee is $21 per story. Winners and finalists will be officially announced in the March 1 bulletin, and contacted directly the previous week.
  • Simultaneous submissions are okay. Please notify immediately if your submission is accepted elsewhere.

Writing Guidelines: http://www.glimmertrain.com/pages/guidelines/fiction_open_guidelines.php

Submit here: https://glimmertrainpressinc.submittable.com/submit/46391

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