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Emerging Writer’s Contest

Deadline is May 22, 2017

The Emerging Writer’s Contest is open to writers of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry who have yet to publish or self-publish a book. The winner in each genre will be awarded $2,000. Read past winners of the contest here. To submit to the Emerging Writer’s Contest, please visit our submission manager.

The 2017 contest judges are Garth Greenwell (fiction), Meghan Daum (nonfiction), and Natalie Diaz (poetry).

The winning story, essay, and poems from the 2017 contest will be published in the Winter 2017-18 issue of Ploughshares, and each writer will receive $2,000 and two copies of the issue in which their work appears.

You are eligible if you:

  • Have yet to publish a book (including chapbooks, eBooks, translations, books in other languages/countries, and self-published works).
  • Have no book forthcoming before April 15, 2018.
  • Are not affiliated with Ploughshares or Emerson College as a contributing author, volunteer screener, blogger, intern, student, staff member, or faculty member.
  • Will not have a relationship with Emerson before April 15, 2018 (example: if there is a chance you will attend the Emerson MFA program in the coming year or if your work has been accepted for publication for an upcoming issue).

The contest opens March 1, 2017 at noon EST and has been extended to May 22, 2017 at noon EST. We will announce winners in mid-September, 2017.

Fiction and Nonfiction: Under 6,000 words
Poetry: 3-5 pages

Submit one entry per year via our online submission manager.

  • No entries via email or mail will be considered for the contest.
  • Submitted work must be original and previously unpublished in any form.
  • For poetry, we will be reading both for the strongest individual poem and the general level of work, and may choose to publish one, some, or all of the winner’s submitted poems.
  • Cover letters are not necessary. All identifying information will be removed from submissions.

Entry Fee
Entry to the contest requires a $24 fee, which is waived if the submitter is a current subscriber. The fee is:

  • Payable by Visa or MasterCard through the online submission system.
  • Includes a 1-year subscription to Ploughshares (beginning with the Spring 2017 issue and ending with the Winter 2017-18 issue).
  • Includes free submissions to the 2017 reading period

Current subscribers—through the Winter 2017-18 issue—may submit for free.*

*If you are a current subscriber, you will still be prompted to checkout, but you will not be required to enter your credit card information and will not be charged.

To submit to the Emerging Writer’s Contest, please visit our submission manager.

Source: Guidelines | Ploughshares

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Free Craft Books for Fiction Writers

Two winners will each receive all four books shown at left (desktop) or below (mobile).Enter to Win! Here’s how:Answer the silly question in #1 below (to prove you’re not a robot); In the form that appears, fill out your first name and email address; When a new window pops up, share on social media. For every person you share this contest with, you’ll get 3 entries added to your total number of entries—in other words, the more often you share the link to this contest, the greater your chances of winning! Finally, keep an eye on your inbox for a confirmation email – click on the link inside to confirm your entry.

Source: Free Craft Books for Fiction Writers

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American Short(er) Fiction Contest –

The American Short(er) Fiction Contest is now open for submissions. This year we are honored to have Justin Torres as our guest judge. Submit your entry online between October 25, 2016 – February 1, 2017. The first-place winner will receive a $1,000 prize and publication in a future issue of ASF. One runner-up will receive $250 and publication, and all entries will be considered for publication.

Source: American Short(er) Fiction Contest –

The American Short(er) Fiction Contest is open for submissions. This year we are honored to have Justin Torres as our guest judge. Submit your stories of 1,000 words or fewer now!

General Guidelines
Submit your entry online between October 25, 2016 – February 1, 2017.
– The first-place winner will receive a $1,000 prize and publication in a future issue of ASF. One runner-up will receive $250 and publication, and all entries will be considered for publication.
– Please submit your $17 entry fee and your work through Submittable. We no longer accept submissions by post. International submissions in English are eligible.
– Stories must be 1,000 words or fewer. You are allowed to include up to three stories per entry. Please submit all stories in one document. Each story must begin on a new page and be clearly titled. For the title of your submission list the story titles, separated by a comma. Please DO NOT include any identifying information on the manuscript itself.
– You may submit multiple entries. We accept only previously unpublished work. We do allow simultaneous submissions, but we ask that you notify us promptly of publication elsewhere.

Conflicts of Interest
Staff and volunteers currently affiliated with American Short Fiction are ineligible for consideration or publication. Additionally, students, former students, and colleagues of the judge are not eligible to enter. We ask that previous winners wait three years after their winning entry is published before entering again.

Justin Torres is the author of the novel We the Animals, winner of an Indies Choice Book Award. His work has appeared in The New Yorker, Harper’s, Granta, and other prestigious publications. A graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, he has received numerous awards, including a Rolón Fellowship in Literature from United States Artists, a Wallace Stegner Fellowship at Stanford, and a Radcliffe Fellowship at Harvard.

On his taste in fiction, Mr. Torres has said:
“I love voice; a deeply imagined and inventive voice does more for me than a fantastic plot or vivid setting. For me, the magic of fiction lies in the words chosen and the structure of the sentences. I could write about men on Mars or about a childhood similar to my own, but my goal would be the same: get the words right, cast a spell.”

We can’t wait for your submissions to cast their spells on us. Good luck!

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TMR Submissions | Just another The Missouri Review Sites site

Source: TMR Submissions | Just another The Missouri Review Sites site

A chance to get published. You can submitted electronically or by mail.

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Computer science script for $15,000

Google & The Black List offer $15,000 for scripts focused on Computer Science


Google, the online giant, is partnering with The Black List to offer financial grants in support of developing scripts centered on changing the image of computer science and computer scientists in pop culture. The submission process begins today and runs through July 15.

Beginning in the fall, the script site will grant up to $15K to three screenwriters — one feature and two episodic pilots — as they work to craft their scripts over a six-month period. At the end, each writer will present their work to Google and address how the grant was used to advance the projects. Writers will retain all rights to the work. Writers with scripts on The Black List site are also eligible.

This project is part of an initiative from Google’s Computer Science Education in Media program to encourage and inspire young people, especially girls and minorities — who historically have been underrepresented in the field — to not only use technology but also to create it.

Google would like to see if there were more movies about computer sciences that weren’t the stereotypical nerd movie. Are you an aspiring screenwriter? Do you want to work for Google? If so, Google will actually pay you to write a movie script.

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Writing tip Wednesday: “Laugh it up”

Wergle Flomp Humor Poetry Contest (no fee)

Now in its 15th year, this contest seeks today’s best humor poems. No fee to enter. Submit published or unpublished work. $2,250 in prizes.

Details and entry form at:

Deadline: April 01, 2016

Results Announced: August 15, 2016

Theme: Humor

Length Limit: Submit one poem only, with a maximum of 250 lines

Entry Fee: No fee


  • First Prize: $1,000
  • Second Prize: $250
  • Honorable Mentions: 10 awards of $100 each
  • Top 12 entries published online

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Writing tip Wednesday: “Star Trek Strange New Worlds story contest”

Kirk (left) and Spock (right).

Kirk (left) and Spock (right).

The deadline for entry is 11:59 PM EST January 15, 2016.

In celebration of Star Trek’s 50th anniversary in 2016, publisher Simon & Schuster is bringing back the popular fan fiction writing contest, Strange New Worlds! Here is your unique opportunity to present to this world and beyond that special Star Trek story that has never been told.

Ten winning selections will be published as part of an all-new official anthology, coming from Simon & Schuster in 2016. Plus, two first prize winners will receive a free, self-publishing package from Archway Publishing!

Editorial Guidelines

Stories must focus on past and present Star Trek main characters or familiar guest characters from the live-action TV series or the first ten feature films released prior to 2009.

  • Stories must be between 7,500 and 10,000 words.
  • Stories must contain no explicit sexual activity or graphic depictions of violence or sadism.
  • Stories may not contain the previously unestablished death of a Star Trek character or make significant changes in the life of a major character.
  • No illustrated or graphic submissions will be accepted.
  • The Submission must be an original story based on the established Star Trek universe and or characters from the following Television series or Motion Pictures:

    The Original Series, Seasons 1-3
    The Next Generation, Seasons 1-7
    Deep Space Nine, Seasons 1-7
    Voyager, Seasons 1-7
    Enterprise, Seasons 1-4

    Motion Pictures
    The Motion Picture (1979)
    The Wrath of Khan (1982)
    The Search for Spock (1984)
    The Voyage Home (1986)
    The Final Frontier (1989)
    The Undiscovered Country (1991)
    Generations (1994)
    First Contact (1996)
    Insurrection (1998)
    Nemesis (2002)

  • See complete list of story qualifications/disqualifications in the Rules at

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