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A brief (and somewhat ambiguous) biography. One hundred words, more or less, about David Booker might include the following: though lost in the cosmos without a compass, he has nonetheless managed to find his way into middle age. As to what he will do now that he is there is still a matter of speculation. He often seeks guidance from his youthful daughter as he alternately approaches and retreats from the slow expansion of his waistline and the slow collapse of Western Civilization as he knows it. He hopes the two will reach a libration (or libation) point and he will creep into old age with some dignity and clothes intact.

“Mind candy”

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May 26, 2018 · 11:31 pm

Photo finish Friday (and haiku): “Spring roll”

Spring cleaning rolls out  /

the presence of memories, /

Christmas tree, and trash.

2018_Cheatham 100dpi_6x5_4c_2018-04-28011.26.53 copy


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Haiku to you Thursday (and photo): “Geek who?”

Who am I? you ask.  /

Some days, logic says a geek. /

Other days are blurred.

Geek Who

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Printer's down

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May 22, 2018 · 11:58 pm

Monday haiku: “Soggy bottom”

Some days you get the /

dry sleeping bag; other days /

the bag gets soggy.

2018_SRider_sleepingbag 100dpi_6x5_4c_1455 copy


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Monday morning writing joke: “Haulage of knowledge”

There once was a writer off for college /

All in the pursuit of higher knowledge. /

The four years they say /

Only got in the way /

And caused a great deal of haulage.

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Monday (morning) writing joke: “Assault with a deadly language”

There once was a author from Brisbane /

who thought a writer from Lisbon /

tortured language in a way /

that was “an assault and pepper spray” /

a syntax attack, if not misprision.



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