Sunday silliness: “Most used; most abused”

And the word for your state is…?


Where do you fit in?


So, take the most-used word in a state and the most misspelled word and see what happens. For example, for Tennessee is is Chaos is the most misspelled work and Stuff the word used most often. Chaos and Stuff. Well, too much stuff can lead to chaos, and it gets more Kayotic if you can’t spell Kayos. Or California where the most misspelled word is Beautiful and the most-used work is But. Everything is Beautiful in its own way, but not necessarily Butteful. Or Kentucky, where you can be Vary Butteful.





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2 responses to “Sunday silliness: “Most used; most abused”

  1. I love the top one, where you can make it say whatever you want, but the second is also interesting.

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