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The most famous book set in every state – Business Insider

Whether you come from the California coastline or the snowy forests of Maine, reading a book set in your home state can make you feel a warm nostalgia for that beloved place.

After scouring the internet and surveying our colleagues on their picks, we rounded up the most famous book set in every state in America.

For example:

TENNESSEE: “The Client” by John Grisham  In a vacant lot outside Memphis, 11-year-old Mark encounters Romey, a suicidal lawyer who, before killing himself, leaves the boy with the secret of where his client’s murder victim is buried.Now Mark is running for his life, aided only by a friendly young attorney named Reggie Love, as the two try to keep Mark safe from Romey’s mobster client, and simultaneously bring a killer to justice.

For the other 49 states and District of Columbia:  The most famous book set in every state – Business Insider


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