Monday morning writing joke: “The ‘it’ question”

A philosopher, a sage, and a writer enter a bar.

“What’ll it be?” the bartender asks the philosopher.

“The ‘it.’ Yes, the ‘it.’ What will ‘it’ be? That is the question for our time.” She then turns and rushes out of the bar to work on that burning question.

Next, the bartender asks the sage: “What’ll it be?”

“‘It’ will be the beginning. ‘It’ will be the end. ‘It’ will be what was before, what is now, and what will be.” He, too, turn and walks out of the room.

The bartender finally turns to the writer, and a little exasperated, says, “You know the question. What’ll it be?”

“I don’t know what ‘it’ will be. ‘It’ could be anything since there is no antecedent noun for ‘it’ to refer to,” the writer says. “But I will be happy with a beer.”


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