Photo finish Friday: “Arrival”

First snow

First snow

First snow came to visit today. /
Did you come from far away? /
Drifting softly from gray clouds, /
Landing where the cold allowed. /
You came to rest upon my glider. /
Was that your plan, your desire? /
How long do you think you will stay? /
Can I touch you, use you like clay? /
Mold a snowball or a snowman, /
I’m not sure yet what is my plan. /
Will more snow be coming soon? /
Falling by the light of the moon. /
Drifting down and all around, /
Landing without making a sound. /
Yes, first snow came today, /
But I know you will not stay. /
The sun too soon will replace the moon /
And sweep you away like a big, yellow broom.


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Filed under 2017, photo by David E. Booker, Photo Finish Friday, poetry by author

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