Monday morning writing joke: “Ship shape”

Redford Lane decided the only way he was going to become a better writer was to face his fears, starting with his fear of water. If nothing else, it would give him new material to write about.

He first tried to learn to swim, but failed. He then tried to learn to paddle a canoe, but failed there, too. Finally, he decided a bigger boat would be the answer, so he bought a barge, not realizing it did not have an engine or a sail. Still, he named the boat “O’ Courage” to both challenge and help him, and he could at least walk up and down on it while it was docked. He even took to living on it, at least some of the time.

One day, the barge slipped free of its mooring and started drifting down the river. Red grabbed a pole and tried to navigate the barge toward shore, pushing against the current with all his might. He almost had the barge stopped when the pole broke. He fell overboard and drowned.

The boat continued drifting down the river, passing by a couple of his friends who were fishing on the river. One of whom looked over and said, “Isn’t that Red’s barge, O’ Courage?”

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