New words to live by: “Sniglet”

It is time, once again, for New words to live by. This is a word or phrase not currently in use in the U.S. English lexicon, but might need to be considered. Other words, such as obsurd, crumpify, subsus, flib, congressed, and others, can be found by clicking on the tags below. Today’s New Word is a compounding of sniggle an obsolete form of snicker and the suffix -let, meaning a small version of, such as booklet being a small book.

There is no old word, unless you count sniggle, an obsolete form of snicker, meaning to laugh is a half-suppressed, usually indecorous way. Snicker can be both a verb and a noun.

Sniglet, n. any word coined for something that has no specific name. In short, any of the words in New words to live by.

Sniglet was first coined in the 1980s and has been around since then.


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