Writing tip Wednesday: “Try this at home”

Unable to get started writing. Try this suggestion from well-known writer William F. Nolan:

You sit frozen at the keys. Just can’t begin writing, How to break free again, start the words flowing? You need something to ignite the creative spark. Well, people, I have one sure solution to your problem. Get up. Go to a bookshelf, take out a collection of stories’ pick one — and read the first half of a chosen story. Stop. Then write your own end half, using elements from the printed first half. Then go back to the first half of the printed story, and write your own version of the first half. Presto! You have a brand new tale! Sure, you can’t sell it since it has the plot and characters from the original printed story, but it got you going again, right? Got the creative juices flowing. Now you’ll be able to take off on a story of your own. Works every time.

William F. Nolan


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