Monday morning writing joke: “Written up”

Three candidates for a position in a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing were sitting on a bench, each looking at the comments made on his writing sample used as part of the application.

First student: “Mine says I would be better suited to writing user’s manuals for consumer products than creative writing.”

Second student: “Mine says, ‘The convolution of your writing is such that one can only assume that you would better suited for a position at the bar than in the MFA program.”

First student: “I hope they meant law school.”

They both chuckled then turned to the third student. Finally, the second student asked: “What did you yours say?”

Third student: Mine says that ‘from your writing sample we can only assume that English must be your second language and that you have only taken it up recently.’”

“Wow!” said the first and second students in unison.

“Yeah,” said the third student, “and to think I plagiarized from Nabokov.”


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