Monday morning writing joke: “Dog on it”

An editor couldn’t believe a book he was helping to publish was written by a dog, so he requested a meeting. The dog and the owner walked into the office and each sat down in a chair.

“I’d like to ask you a few questions,” the editor said.

The dog yawned, which the editor took to mean go ahead.

“Since you are the first dog author I have dealt with, can you tell me what it was like to write this book?”

“Rough,” said the dog.

The editor decided he should be a little more specific. “What did you think of the line edits we sent to you for changes in the manuscript?”

The dog glanced over at his owner and then cocked back his head and howled.

The editor looked at his watch. He didn’t have much more time until his next meeting. He was finding it hard to believe this wasn’t some stunt cooked up by the dog’s owner. He sighed, glanced down at the contract, and asked a question he knew the dog wouldn’t be able to answer with a bark or howl. “As a first-time author, what do you think of our book advance structure and royalty payments?”

The dog immediately hopped from the chair to the editor’s desk, hiked his leg, and peed all over the contract.


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