New words to live by: “Internept”

It is time, once again, for New words to live by. This is a word or phrase not currently in use in the U.S. English lexicon, but might need to be considered. Other words, such as obsurd, crumpify, subsus, flib, congressed, and others, can be found by clicking on the tags below. Today’s New Word is a compounding of two nouns into a new word. Without further waiting, Internept is the new word for this month.

Internet, n. vast computer network linking smaller computer networks worldwide, including governmental, commercial, and education networks. Often preceded by the word “the” and sometimes capitalized: “The Internet.”

Inept, n. 1. Lacking skill or aptitude for an assignment or task. 2. Incompetent, clumsy, awkward, out-of-place.

Internept, n. 1. Those times when the Internet is so slow as to be worthless, unable to perform the tasks directed to it. 2. A person so awkward, clumsy, or out of place when attempting to perform tasks on the Internet. Such a person is a step or two ahead of the Luddite.

Jim knew what they were going to say, that he was incompetent with computers, maybe even a Luddite. But he knew how to turn on a computer and to do some basic functions. It just seemed that every time he got on the Internet, the stupid thing bogged down, and no matter what he did, he couldn’t speed it up. When he asked for help, somebody accused him of being Internept.

[Editor’s note: Thank you to Ashlie for the suggestion.]


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