Early morning writing joke: “Cost”

A writer, a priest, and a politician walk into a bar.

After a few drinks, the politician walks over to the priest and says, “I hate to admit it, father, but I have told some pretty big whoppers in my time.”

“I’m sure,” the priest says. “I have probably heard them all.”

The politician pauses for a moment and then says, “How could you? I’m not Catholic. I’ve never been to confession. Some of my biggest ones have been in private.”

“I’m a priest. We know these things.”

The politician takes his drink and quickly leaves.

The priest then turns to the writer. “Now, what is your problem?”

“Well, father, in my time, in order to make ends meet, I have written for politicians, even crafting some of their ‘big whoppers.’ Including some said in private.”

“So you know what I’m talking about and you came seeking forgiveness?”

“No, father. Until you scared him off, I came to get paid.”


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