New Year Inspiration

Need writing inspiration for the new year? Consider this: Today, January 2nd is Run it up the Flagpole and See if Anyone Salutes Day. Just remember to keep it brief.

underwear up flagpole2

January 2nd: Keep it brief.

For those of you with a food inclination, the month of January is National Soup Month and National Oatmeal Month. Now, I have never seen nor tasted an Oatmeal soup, but who knows, 2016 could be the year.

January is also National Bath month. I hope that doesn’t mean you are only supposed to take only one this month. If so, some people might be too ripe too soon for me to have the stomach to eat anything, let alone Oatmeal Soup.

It is also National Braille Literacy Month. If you can’t read Braille, does that mean you suffer from tactile dysfunction? Does Cialis have a pill for that?


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