Photo finish Friday: “Traveling”

ONK_ParkPathCircle 100dpi_15x11_4c_F5487 copy

Is this the path behind or the one ahead?
The path well known or the one less said?
Will you travel light or carry a heavy load?
Coming back with stories or learning ones untold?
Will you find true love along your path
Or will Dame fortune scheme to steal your stash?
Will your joys be many and your sorrows few?
Will you have many friends or just one or two?
Wherever you go, know that there you will be
with all the world around you and new things to see.
I wish you well as you create your pathway.
It’s built with your life, but renewed each day.
I won’t always be with you, but come what may
Maybe in your heart a small part of me will stay.

–by David E. Booker


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Filed under 2015, photo by David E. Booker, poetry by author

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