New words to live by: “citybilly” and “hill slicker”

It is the first or second weekend of the month and time, once again, for a new word to live by. This is a word or phrase not currently in use in the U.S. English lexicon, but might need to be considered. Other words, such as obsurd, crumpify, subsus, flib, congressed, and others, can be found by clicking on the tags below. Today’s New Word is a compounding of word and a suffix two words. Without further waiting, citybilly and hill slicker are the new words / phrases for this month.

Old Words
Hillbilly, n. a person from a remote or backwoods area, usually meaning somebody from the Appalachian Mountains in the southern U.S.

City slicker, n. a term, often meant disparagingly, for a natty dressed, worldly focused city dweller.

New Words
Citybilly, n. second, even third generation hillbilly who has moved to the city but retains many if not most of their hillbilly ways. Also, those who act like hillbillies in the city even if they have been city dwellers for some time/generations.

Hill slicker, n. city person who has moved to the country, but still retains many of his or her city ways and expects the same big city amenities in the country setting. Think of the wife, Lisa Douglas, in TV sitcom Green Acres.


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