Monday morning writing joke: “Big fish”

Two scriptwriters were sitting in a bar in holiday talking about their latest series pitches to studio executives.

First writer: “I pitched the story that was the retelling of the big fish. In this case, the fish was so huge he was about the swallow the entire Earth. And the only thing in between him and his goal is a female nephrologist.”

Second writer: “Why a nephrologist?”

First writer: “Ever seen a series with a nephrology doctor in the lead?”

Second writer: “No.”

First writer: “See, that would make it different. Unique. Besides, my girl friend is a nephrologist–”

Second writer: “And you’re trying to impress her.”

First writer: “You got that right.”

Second writer: “What did the executive say?”

First writer: “‘You got to be kidney-ing me.'”


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