Writing tip Wednesday: “Ten tips for SEO”

Ten tips on good SEO writing

Source: http://www.geeksnack.com/2015/04/22/ten-tips-good-seo-writing/

Good SEO writing is much about writing skills and writing techniques. As a blogger, you need to know how to structure your text in subheadings and paragraphs. If your text is appealing and clear, you will attract the interest of your readers. They will gladly like, tweet, share and comment your content if they like it.

1. Think before writing – Good SEO writing tips

n order for your article to be highly ranked in Google search, you need to have writing skills. This means you need to think before you write. To think about what your readers will say after they read your article, what actions and reactions your article can cause. You should write down these answers before starting writing.

2. Arrange your ideas – Good SEO writing tips

You need to arrange your ideas in a logical manner, in every post you write. Some sorts of short introduction, a body where you will write the main ideas and a conclusion text, this structure is a very good and stable one, that normally attracts most readers. After that, you could start the real writing process.

3. Structure your paragraphs – Good SEO writing tips

You should be able to start new paragraphs according to some rules, not just because you consider it looks nicer for your text. Every paragraph should contain one main idea or subject. Paragraphs are important, so do not abuse their usage but also do not forget about them. Paragraphs are the most basic design for the text and readers can enjoy them or not.

4. Use subheadings – Good SEO writing tips

Your article should be organized in subheadings. They will lead your reader in a very quick and efficient way. Readers will be able to scan your text and to find more easily the necessary information for them.

5. Use signal words – Good SEO writing tips

Using signal words is also indicated, because they make readers to focus over the most important things. Words like also, first of all, nevertheless, indeed etc. are good choices in this respect.

Other tips include:

6. Proofread and test your article – Good SEO writing tips

7. Write longer posts – Good SEO writing tips

8. Update content – Good SEO writing tips

9. Inlink – Good SEO writing tips

10. Content is key – Good SEO writing tips

Read the rest: http://www.geeksnack.com/2015/04/22/ten-tips-good-seo-writing/

If you don’t know, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

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