Photo finish Friday: “Lights out”

[Editor’s note: usually my Photo finish Friday has a photo I have taken, but today, I am taking on off the Internet, along with the story. Below the photo and story is a poem “inspired by actual events” as they would say on the TV show Law and Order.]

Christian mom alarmed that school bus tail lights form ‘pagan’ pentagram

(Screen capture) The bus and lights in question.

(Screen capture) The bus and lights in question.

by David Ferguson


A Christian mom in Cordova, Tennessee is worried that occult influences are lurking in her town and showing their presence in the unlikeliest of places, the red tail lights of local school buses.

Memphis’ Action News 5 reported Wednesday that Robyn Wilkins snapped a photo of the tail lights while she sat behind a bus in traffic. To her, the pattern of tiny light bulbs under each brake light’s red plastic lens looked like inverted five-pointed stars, which form the ancient symbol of the pentagram when enclosed by a circle.

“Anyone who fears a God, if not God and Jesus Christ, should be outraged,” the worried mother told Channel 5.

Pentagrams are a sacred symbol to various ancient faiths. Some Satanists and occultists have adopted it as their holy symbol, but other faiths use it as well.

Wilkins and other concerned parents have taken to social media to protest the brake lights, which they say constitute a sacred symbol emblazoned on a government vehicle.

“If you can’t put a cross on there, you cannot put a pentagram on it,” said Wilkins.

She believes the lights should be removed from the buses and replaced with a single red bulb.

The Shelby County School District declined to comment to Channel 5 about the brake lights.

To see a video report, go to:


Poem inspired by actual events.

I heart for Satan

by David E. Booker

I heart for Satan,
the Star of all consternation.
He sends me into shambles
when I see pentagramables
on buses near and far
even the one in front of my car.
My child rides that school bus.
It must be driven by one who lusts
for my child’s immortal soul —
O’ the future is foretold.
He’s lost to education
in this god-forsaken nation.
O’ when will it ever end
so that my life can begin again?
I heart for Satan,
the Star of my consternation.
It is Him I love to hate
and blame when my son self-relates.
His powerful stain is everywhere —
my whitewashing work cannot compare.
I heart for Satan,
the Star of my consternation.
Someday my child will move away
and then Satan and I can play.


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