New words to live by: “Shonkey”

It is the first or second weekend of the month and time, once again, for a new word to live by. This is a word or phrase not currently in use in the U.S. English lexicon, but might need to be considered. Other words, such as obsurd, crumpify, subsus, flib, congressed, and others, can be found by clicking on the tags below. Today’s New Word is a compounding of two words sheep and donkey. Without further chattering, shonkey is the new word / phrase for this month:

Sheep, n. a ruminant mammal related to goats, of the genius Ovis and the family Bovidae, often domesticated for is hair and sometimes for meat.

Donkey, n. domesticated ass. Also a ruminant, though nor related to the sheep.

How about Shonkey?

Shonkey, n. An animal in a manger scene or other situation that you are not quite sure what it is. Is that a sheep? No, it’s a donkey. You sure? Could be any animal of the manger scene, or any animal in any other situation. For example, hunting: Bill, what was that animal? It was a shonkey, Ed.

Shonkey is the animal equivalent of doohickey, which is an informal word for a part, a tool, a gadget, a dingus, or a thingumbob.


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