Monday morning writing joke: “Correction”

Two writers were sitting at a bar, as writers are sometimes known to do.

A woman at a table near the bar was doing her best to get the attention of one of the writers. The other writer noticed this and asked the first writer what was going on.

First writer: “She sent me a text message.”

Second writer: “A fan of yours?”

First message: “I hope not. Her message said: ‘Y-o-u-r cute.’ I sent her back a message that said: ‘No. Y-O-U-R-‘-E cute.’ I was only correcting her misspelling.”

Second writer: “And?”

First writer: “And now she thinks I like her. I can’t get her to leave me alone.”

Second writer: “Here, let me see you phone.”

First writer hands the second writer his phone. Second writer types a message and sends it. The woman looks at it, shows it to her friend, puts a sour look on her face, and then gets up and leaves.

First writer: “What did you write?”

Second writer shows him. The message read: “You’re not my typo.”


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