Photo finish Friday: “Eye candy”

She was pumped to see the candy.

She was pumped to see the candy.

She was pumped to see the candy. And she was pumped to see the pumps. She had been looking all over town for this type of candy: handmade, locally produced, just the thing to impress him with. After all, he had always given her handmade gifts. Then she saw the shoes, the pumps made from chocolate and candy. She’d always heard that the way to a man’s heart was through his stomach, and she had a secret fetish of wanting a man to at least once in her life nibble and suck her toes. This was just the item. It combined both things, and he wouldn’t even have to know about her fetish until the moment he nibbled his way up to her ruby red painted toes.

Oh, could this be real? Could this actually be happening?

She wanted to click her heels like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz and say, “This place is better than home. This place is better than home.”

Then the witch behind the counter yelled over at her: “I ain’t here for my health. You gonna buy or you gonna slobber?”

She thought about it for a moment and wondered what she would do if he wouldn’t nibble away her chocolate shoe? What if he didn’t even like chocolate? What would she do then?

“Well?” the witch was not pleased to be kept waiting.

“I’ll take them all,” she said, “And could you gift wrap them?”

The look on the witch’s face was beyond sour. “You know, you can’t really wear these. And you can’t bring ’em back.”

“For what I have in mind, that won’t be an issue.”

The witch shrugged and packed up all five shoes.

She young woman walked home in the cold and blowing snow. Her man would be arriving soon, so she hurried. When she got home, she left a note where here man would find it, then went straight to bed and waited … and waited … and waited….

When morning came, she awoke with a jolt. It took a moment or two before she realized what had happened. All the chocolate shoes were gone, except one, which was partially eaten, the toe area missing. She found a wrapped present in the bed beside her and a note which read:

“My dear Virginia, how you have grown. I almost didn’t recognize you. I hope you like the present. I made it especially for you. Thank you for the chocolate snacks. I tried each one on your pretty little feet and nibbled my way up to your toes. Maybe next year, we can try these. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. –S.”

Virginia ripped open the present. She stared at the gift for a few minutes before she realized what it was. She turned as red as S’s suit to think he thought of her this way.

It was almost amazing what could happen when you still believed in the jolly ol’ elf.

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