Monday morning writing joke: Hot spot

I am a writer and I don't get no respect

Not exactly the hot spot I had in mind.

I’m a writer and I don’t get no respect. Just the other day my mother came over for a visit. She’s a religious woman of sorts. She said she had something that she thought would help me write. She asked if she could hang it in my office. I thought maybe it was a poster with some writing quotes on it. I said okay. She hung it and then left.

When I entered the office, I found the item. It was a plaque. It read: “You are cordially invited to the theological place of eternal punishment.”

Below that she had placed a sticky note that read: “Love, Mom.”



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2 responses to “Monday morning writing joke: Hot spot

  1. My mother is not allowed to bring anything over to my house that I have not specifically asked for. If she does I have informed her that if she doesn’t see it on her next visit don’t ask what I did with it because she won’t like the answer. She only asked once, she didn’t like my reply and quit bringing me things I didn’t need, want or ask for.
    Don’t get me wrong this sounds as if I am unduly harsh to her but it really is a family trait. My grandmother did it to her and when I started to see her doing it to me, I knew I needed to put an end to it. I love my mother and some of the things she has given me are wonderful but most would make you go WTF? It has nothing to do with me or even remotely could be considered my style.
    It really has saved me a lot of grief.

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