New word to live by: “festidious”

Every now and then there comes a need for a new word. Toward that end, we here at Booker’s Blog will from time to time put forth new words for consideration. We hope you will give them their proper consideration, and if you find them useful, bring them like a new friend into your daily life.

New word: festidious:
A combination of fastidious and fetish.

Fastidious, adj., hard to please; excessively particular, critical, or demanding

Fetish, n., any object, idea, etc., eliciting unquestioning reverence, respect, or devotion: to make a fetish of high grades.

Festidious: a fastidious fetish, near irrational adherence to rules, ideas, persons, body parts, etc.

Used in a sentence: He was festidious to the point of obsurdity (another new word) in the way he folded and put away his underwear. If there was any woman who could understand him and please him in this area, he would marry her, even if he had to festidiously force her into it.



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2 responses to “New word to live by: “festidious”

  1. Ted H.

    Wouldn’t the contrast of “fast” and “fest” — abstinence and excess — be better consideration for “festidious” — ie. constantly living lavishly, consuming life’s rich rewards, and neglecting common minutiae?

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